4 Quick Make Handmade Easter Card Ideas

We’ve got some wonderful Easter card inspiration for you all today! All of these crafts are super easy but still give amazing results sure to impress you loved ones this Eastertide!

Don’t forget that this fabulous article includes a FREE printable template to help you get crafty!

Let’s get started…

Cracked Egg Card


1. Cut the front of a Dovecraft embossed polka dot card down the middle

2. Cut out an egg shape from a piece of patterned paper.

3. Cut down the middle of the egg using a zig zag pattern.

4. Attach each half of the egg to the centre of the card to form a cracked egg look.

TIP: Use Foam squares to attach the cracked egg to give the card added dimension.

Bunny Card


Download The Bunny Template Here!

1. Cut out and draw around the template of the bunny on a 6x6 Kraft card.

TIP: Make sure the back of the bunny is on the card crease so when you cut it out the front and back joined.

2. Add a cute little pom pom tail to the bunny.

Washi Tape Egg Card


1. Washi Tape Egg Stick around 9 rows of washi tape onto some plain card, mix up the colours and the thicknesses of the tape.

2. Cut out a 10x8cm egg shape from the washi tape strips and glue onto a 5x7 Kraft card using foam squares.

3. To finish add a sentiment.

Button Egg Card


1. Cut a 10x8cm egg shape out of patterned paper and glue in the centre of a 6x6 card blank.

2. Glue a selection of colourful wooden buttons on the egg.

3. Finish with a nice personalised Easter sentiment under the egg.

What do you think of these lovely Easter crafts? We love them and all Easter crafts. We’d love to see if you create any of these wonderful cards over in the Inspiration Area. Don’t forget to #Trimcraft when posting on social media!



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