See All March Demonstrations At The Range

Need some craft inspiration then our crafty demonstration team are here to help.  See the new Santoro Mirabelle collections & ask any crafty questions you may have. We hope to see you there

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Craft Demonstration Dates

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Shrewsbury with   Louise     on the  01/03/2014
Carlisle with   Khelda    on the  01/03/2014
Bolton   with  Michelle on the  02/03/2014
Weston with   Jean  on the  08/03/2014
Sheffield with   Louise     on the  08/03/2014
Ipswich with   Caroline on the  08/03/2014
Erdington with   Pauline    on the  08/03/2014
Antelope Park with   Amanda on the 08/03/2014
Nottingham with   Meryl    on the  09/03/2014
Derby with    Michelle on the     09/03/2014
Stoke On Trent with   Louise  on the  15/03/2014
Portsmouth with   Amanda on the  15/03/2014 (Resheduled to 12.04.2014)
Norwich with   Caroline on the 15/03/2014
Bristol  with   Jean  on the  15/03/2014
Barrow    with  Khelda on the  15/03/2014 (Resheduled to 23.03.2014)
Leeds with    Michelle on the 16/03/2014
Stockton with   Khelda    on the  22/03/2014
Romford with   Caroline on the 22/03/2014
Coventry with    Pauline    on the  22/03/2014
Bristol (Imperial) with  Jean   on the  22/03/2014
Rotherham with   Michelle on the    23/03/2014
Dudley    with  Louise     on the  23/03/2014
Boston    with  Elaine   on the  23/03/2014
Hartlepool with   Khelda    on the  29/03/2014
Andover with   Amanda on the    29/03/2014
Bristol with Jean on the 29/03/2014 (New Date Added)
Kings Lynn with   Elaine   on the  30/03/2014
Chesterfield with   Meryl    on the  30/03/2014
Bradford with   Michelle   on the  30/03/2014

See the Full list of The Range Demonstrations here

See All March Demonstrations At The Range content image

If you find yourself near any of these The Range stores then pop by and see our friendly demonstrators previewing the newest Trimcraft collections

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