DIY Father’s Day Gift Toppers Tutorial by The Crafty Gentleman

So, you’ve gone to all that effort to find the perfect gift this Father’s day. You’ve done your research, scoured the shops or hunted online, and landed on something just right. Don’t stop there! A well wrapped gift will ensure the lucky recipient smiles from ear to ear – before they’ve even opened it!


We spoke with craft blogger Mike Aspinall of The Crafty Gentleman, who shared three ways to add some oomph to your gift wrapping. These ideas are perfect for Father’s Day, which is just around the corner!


Bow Tie Gift Topper

crafty_gentleman_present_toppers_8.jpgThis is a fun alternative to a traditional gift bow!

What you Need

First Edition 12x12 Grand Plans Paper pad

How to Make

1. Cut out a 15cm x 8cm cm rectangle and a 10cm x 2.5cm strip of green, grid paper from the First Edition Grand Plans 12x12 Paper Pad.


2.Fold the rectangle horizontally into a concertina shape, ensuring you make at least 5 folds in total.


3. Pinch the centre, then wrap the strip of paper around the middle. Stick it in place with a dab of glue or some double sided sticky tape.


4. Make sure the bow tie is secure and then adhere your bow tie to the centre of your gift wrap with Dovecraft Perma Fix tape.



Neck Tie Gift Topper

crafty_gentleman_present_toppers_4.jpgAdd some dapper charm to your gift, perfect for Father’s Day.

What you Need

First Edition 12x12 Grand Plans Paper pad

How to Make

1. Start by drawing the outline of a tie shape (basically a very long diamond with a flat top) onto a large sheet of First Edition Grand Plans 12x12 paper design. Extend the top of the tie shape by a further 15-20cm, then cut it out.


2. Place the paper face down and fold the extended top section of the shape over to one side, Then round underneath itself.


3. Finally, fold it back round to the top (so you’ve essentially wrapped the paper round in a loop)


4. Tuck it into itself to hold it in place.


5. Cut the excess off and turn the whole thing over to reveal the front of the tie.


6. Cut a long strip of the same paper paper design and glue this horizontally across the top third of your wrapped gift, then stick the tie section onto the centre with Dovecraft Perma Fix Tape.



Origami Star Gift Topper


Make a real statement with your gift, by adding a three dimensional origami star. Use a sheet of Trimcraft paper and follow the instructions in this video. Because the paper is quite large, it helps to use a bone folder to enforce the creases and make sure the star is sharp and well defined. Then simply stick it to the top of your gift with a piece of double sided sticky tape.


So what do you think? Will you add one of these gift toppers for your Father's Day gift?

We are seriously in love with these toppers by Mike and your dad will be super chuffed to see the effort you’ve made to create a dynamic and dapper finish!

We would LOVE to see your Father’s day gift toppers so don’t forget to share your makes in the inspiration area to @trimcraft and @thecraftygentleman when uploading to social media!

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Great Toppers for Father's Day gifts



I think the bow or tie would look great on some cards too!