An Introduction to DIY Paper Marbling using DecoArt

Make these quick and easy crafty creations using our DecoArt misters to create vibrant & colourful patterns for wrapping paper, book covers, book marks and envelopes.

What You Will Need

Dovecraft 5” x 7” white envelopes

Dovecraft White A4 card

White A4 paper

DecoArt Acrylic Misters – Primary Magenta and Cyan

Water, Container – must be big enough to fit your paper in

Santoro Mirabelle Raffia

Fiskars intricate lotus punch

Dovecraft Butterfly stamp

Kraft gift box & blank notebook

How to Marble on Paper

1.  Put water into your container and add a few drops of your colourful acrylic misters to the water.

2.  Using a coffee stirrer, swirl the paint mixture to create your desired marbled effect.

3.  Place your paper flat on top of the water for a few seconds and lift the paper off the water to reveal the swirled pattern.

4.  Leave to dry before making your projects.

Project 1: Book Mark

An Introduction to DIY Paper Marbling using DecoArt content image

Once your marbled paper is dry, you can make your book mark by cutting a 19cm by 5.3cm rectangle and cutting curves around the corners. To give your bookmark more support, cut a piece of card to size and stick to the back of the marbled paper using double sided tape. To finish, we have printed 3 clear butterfly stamps onto marbled paper, cut them out and added them to the book mark.

Project 2: Gift Wrap

An Introduction to DIY Paper Marbling using DecoArt content image

With your marbled paper, cut a 30cm x 10.3cm rectangle to create a band. Wrap the paper around your gift box and use double sided tape to stick where the ends meet at the back. For a rustic finish, we have decorated our box by creating a bow using raffia ribbon.

Project 3: Book Cover

An Introduction to DIY Paper Marbling using DecoArt content image

This quick and easy project will make a great gift for someone who loves stationery. Wrap your marbled paper around your chosen notebook and securely stick onto the cover. Cut the excess marbled paper for a neat and clean finish. Stick the edges of the marbled paper with double sided tape to ensure they do not curl.

Project 4: Marbled Envelopes

An Introduction to DIY Paper Marbling using DecoArt content image

Cut a 22cm x 18.2cm piece of paper to create your insert for your 5” x 7” envelope. Place your marbled paper inside the envelope and carefully cut the excess from the marbled paper so it is the same shape at the envelope opening fold. Finish by sticking the marbled paper using double sided tape.

If you want to decorate the front of your envelopes, cut a 3.9cm x18.3cm band of your marbled paper and stick to the bottom of your envelope. We have then used the Fiskars intricate lotus punch to create two paper flowers. Layer the lotuses at an angel and stick to the envelope to give a floral finish.

Marbling on paper is a good introduction to crafting for children and they will love seeing the swirled creations. Have you done any marbling recently? Remember to share it in our project gallery.

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