How to Create a Cute Cloud Ornament with the We R Memory Keepers Happy Jig Tutorial

The Happy Jig by We R Memory Keepers is a tool that we’ve all been wanting to get our hands on at Trimcraft HQ! Allowing you to place pegs on a grid in order to create words, shapes, letters, and more using colourful wire, there’s no end of fun to be had with this tool.

Today, our wonderful Design Team member Christine is going to be showing you how to create your very own adorable cloud ornament using the Happy Jig!

Read on to find her instructions below…

You will Need:

  • We R Memory Keepers Happy Jig,
  • We R Memory Keepers Happy Jig Wire – Silver,
  • We R Memory Keepers Happy Jig Wire Cutters,
  • Dovecraft Ribbon - Variety

How to Make:

1. Trim your silver Happy Jig Wire to approximately 55cm.

2. Arrange your pegs on the Happy Jig board as shown below. The pegs are in the following positions:

Small pegs – R10, R14, R18, R22, R26, R30

                    P8, P32

                    N8, N32

                    L10, L12, L28, L30

                    J20, J28


                    H22, H28


                    F24, F26

Medium pegs - Q9, Q31

                         M9, M31

                         H14, H17

                         G23, G27

happy_jig_project_1.jpg3. Place the wire on the board with one end reaching the top of the Happy Jig board (this will later form the hook for the hanger).


4. Start by wrapping the wire around the small peg, J20. Wrap wire all around this to form a loop.

5. Continue to wrap the wire around the outside of the cloud shape in a clockwise direction.

6. When you reach the small pegs at L28 and L12, wrap the wire all around the peg as you did with J20 to create two further loops.


7. Once you reach the starting peg, remove the wire cloud from the board. Hook the smaller end of the wire through the top loop to secure and use the pliers to trim.

8. Take the large piece of wire left at the top and fold to create a hanger shape, and trim to finish.

happy_jig_project_6.jpgYou can now use this as an adorable ornament, hanger for your jewellery, and much more!

I decorated mine with rainbow-coloured ribbon to create a decorative hanging. For this, I trimmed a variety of Dovecraft coloured ribbons in different colours and folded each over the wire at the bottom of the cloud shape before securing with double-sided tape. I used sentiment ribbons for this, but folded them inside-out for a plain finish!


Do you own a Happy Jig or have you been inspired to get your own?

Will you be giving this a go? We’d love to see if you do, so don’t forget to upload your versions to the Inspiration area and #Trimcraft when sharing to social media! Most importantly, stay inspired and keep crafting!

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