Children’s Summer Holiday Journal Tutorial

Get kids involved in crafting this summer with our Holiday Journal tutorial. Perfect for collecting memories such as photographs, stickers, and more, this is a great way to document adventures whilst school is out!

The Beach Life collection by Helz Cuppleditch is perfect for this make, bursting with vibrant colours and cute characters. Today, Grace is going to show you how to transform this range into the most adorable keepsake! Read on to find out how to create your own…



You will Need:

  • White A3 Cardstock,
  • Helz Cuppleditch Beach Life 12” x 12” Paper Pad, Glitter Stickers, Wooden Toppers, Sentiment Toppers,
  • Pokey Tool,
  • Darning needle,
  • Twine,
  • A4 Coloured Paper, 


How to Make:

  1. Take an A3 piece of card. With the card landscape (the longest edge at the bottom facing you) measure 20cm from the bottom, draw a line in pencil to mark and cut. You should now have a piece of card that measures 42cm x 20cm.


2. Score (make a line to fold) at 9cm, 21cm, and 33cm. If you don’t have a scoreboard you can make lines instead with a pencil and ruler.

summer_memories_journal_2.jpg3. On the left and right edges make a mark at 8cm from the bottom. Then on the next score/fold line, make a mark 4cm from the top. Draw a diagonal line with pencil between these two marks, then cut along that line. These are to make little pockets in your journal. Using a corner round or scissors, round all the sharp edges/corners.

summer_memories_journal_3.jpg4. Next you need to cut six pieces of paper – you can choose six different ones or a few the same. We chose five papers so the two smallest pieces matched. Cut four papers to 11.5 x 19.5cm, and round the corners. Then cut two papers to 8.5 x 16cm. 


5. Take one of the smaller papers and on one edge measure 7.5cm from the bottom and make a pencil mark. Draw a line with a pencil and ruler from the top opposite corner to your pencil mark and then cut along the line. Do the same with the other smaller piece of paper but make your mark on the opposite side of paper to the one you did before. Round all the edges of these papers.


6. Glue/stick all the papers down onto the card. The panels we’ve made to create pockets only need paper on one side as you won’t be able to see the other side when it’s all finished. Make sure to use your favourite paper for the front of the journal!


7. This bit involves a big needle, so ask an adult to help you! On the left and right score (folded) lines, on the inside of the journal, make pencil marks 10cm from the bottom and about 1.5cm in from the edge. Use a pokey tool (a big needle with a handle) to make holes where the marks are. Cut two pieces of thread, twine, ribbon, or string to 20cm each, and thread through a big needle (“darning needle”). Thread the twine through the holes from the inside out, and tie a tight knot at the end. Repeat on the other side. This is so you can tie up your journal to keep it closed when you’re not using it.

8. Add double sided tape/glue to the bottom edge only of the pocket panels, and stick them down.

9. Now we need to make the pages for your journal. Cut seven papers to 22 x 19cm, and score/fold each one at 11cm.

Note: You can change the amount of papers if you want to, however many papers you choose, you will have double that amount of pages to use. So five papers = ten pages, seven papers = fourteen pages, and so on. Try not to use more than ten papers though, or it will make the next step very difficult!

10. Put all the papers together, making sure they all line up. In the very middle paper, on the fold line, make pencil marks at 4cm, 9.5cm, and 15cm.

11. You’ll need an adult again for this bit, as we’re going back to the big needle! Line up the middle of the papers to the middle of the cover (you can use some washi tape to help keep them in place if you need to). Use the pokey tool to make holes all the way through the papers and cover in the places marked.

summer_memories_journal_9.jpg12. Cut a piece of twine to about 50cm, and thread through the darning needle again. Now sew the pages together. Start by going from the inside through the middle hole, then up to the top hole and back to the inside, then down through the middle hole again, and around the outside to the bottom hole, and back to the inside. Take the needle off the thread and tie the two ends together with a strong knot, pulling the twine as tight as you can without making the pages bend. Trim off the ends of the twine.

summer_memories_journal_12.jpg11. Your journal is now ready and it’s time to decorate! There’s lots of fun things to use in the Beach Life collection, this is how we decorated ours. Remember to give the journal a title, such as ‘Summer 2018’, or ‘My Summer Holiday’, and also a sub title such as ‘my journal’, or add your name. You can also decorate the pockets and inside pages of the cover if you like.


12. Now your holiday/summer journal is ready to be used. Here are some example pages of how you can fill in the pages. Perfect for beach snaps...

summer_memories_journal_17.jpgAnd for documenting ice cool summer treats!

summer_memories_journal_18.jpgWe’d love to see if you create your own, so don’t forget to #Trimcraft when uploading to social media and to share your projects in the Inspiration area.

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This is sooo awesome. So many new ideas to come home to from vacation here.