Dovecraft Ribbon Heart Card Tutorial with a Free Printable Template

You know it’s a double whammy when a card is simple to make and the outcome is this pretty!

Today Maxine is going to show you how to create a gorgeous ribbon heart card that can be personalised for any occasion! To make this look even easier to achieve, we have a free template ready to download! (We do know how to spoil you!)

Download your Free Ribbon Heart Card Template Here

You Will Need

Ribbon Heart Template

Dovecraft Ribbons, 6x6 Card Blank

Punch, Hammer, Craft Mat


How to Make

1. Print the free heart template and cut out. Adhere it to the front of your chosen Dovecraft 6x6 card blank with Washi Tape.


2. With the card blank open, use the hammer and punch to make holes where indicated on the heart template. Ensure to place a craft mat underneath so you don’t damage your work surface. Once done, remove the template from the card blank.


3. Cut lengths of Dovecraft ribbon long enough to reach from the top holes to the bottom, ensuring to allow extra ribbon to secure inside of the card. Start from one side and thread through your ribbons vertically in to your card blank. Secure the ribbon at the back with Dovecraft Perma Fix tape. TIP: Use different coloured or patterned ribbon to add interest.


4. Once complete, cut a piece of Dovecraft card down to a 15.5 cm square to cover the ribbon ends inside the card.


5. This is how your design should look at the front:


This design looks so lovely on a card and will really please a loved one to see the effort you made to make such a heart-warming project for them! You could also use the free template to create a ribbon heart home décor piece (this design does look way too nice to ever throw away!)


How will you use our free template? We’d love to see so don’t forget to #trimcraft when uploading to social media and to share your makes in the Inspiration area!


Trimcraft design these templates to aid your crafting projects, so we are always happy to see them being used and enjoyed. However, we just ask you credit Trimcraft for the template design when you publish your crafty makes online and on social media.

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Great card - looks really lovely!



Got everything but 1 item to make this gorgeous craft. And it's the one thing I really need.... can you guess? .....No. well it's the hammer lol.