DIY Unicorn Quilling Tutorial with Free Printable Template

In this week's flashback we are combining our love for paper crafting and unicorns in one! We have been blown away by quilling as the technique always looks so flawless (even though the attempt may not look so flawless) and the effect it creates is just so pretty!

We thought a colouful unicorn design would make the perfect quilling project so today, we will take you step by step to show you how to create this magical home décor piece! To help you really enjoy this craft, we have designed a free template for you to follow. (It is ‘Treat yourself Tuesday’ after all!)


Download our Free Unicorn Quilling Template Here


What you Need

Free Template

First Edition Premium Textured Cardstock

Dovecraft ultimate craft glue



How to Make

1. Begin by downloading our free template, cutting out and drawing around it onto a piece of Cream premium First Edition textured cardstock.


2. Cut out 20/30 thin white strips of First Edition textured cardstock


3. If you want to create larger quilling rolls, we suggest cutting two strips and adhering them together to create an even longer strip.

4. Once you have your strips ready, wrap the card strips around a pokey tool, if you want the quilling rolls to be tighter, wrap it around the tool tighter. Secure the ends with glue to keep it together.


TIP: For added interest, try a teardrop shapped roll. To do this, simply roll your quill loosely and then pinch the top of the shape.


5. Glue your quilling rolls down onto your unicorns head.

Unicorn_quilling_home_decor_5.jpg6. Next, cut out thin strips of different coloured Cardstock to fill in the mane on the unicorn. Follow step 4 to create the quilling effect.


7. Fill in the mane with your rolls of card. To finish you can embellish your unicorn design or leave it in its’ natural state!


Wow what a stunning design, a little one would be delighted to receive this (or an adult who loves unicorns just as much as Agnes does in Despicable me!) This home décor piece will be sure to bring colour and magic to any house!


How will you use our free template? We’d love to see so don’t forget to #trimcraft when uploading to social media and to share your makes in the Inspiration area.


Trimcraft design these templates to aid your crafting projects, so we are always happy to see them being used and enjoyed. However, we just ask you credit Trimcraft for the template design when you publish your crafty makes online and on social media.

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Amazing work.


Crafty Nanna

Love this and will definitely be having a go as love quilling