Get the Kids Crafting With Our Foam Food and Drink Tutorial & Free Templates

Made from Dovecraft foam, our three projects are easy to make and creates hours of fun for your children, perfect if you need some crafty inspiration over the summer holidays.

What You Will Need:

- Dovecraft A5 Foam Multipack – Naturals & Brights

- Dovecraft Creative Foam Multiple Pack – Red, Yellows & Oranges

- Dovecraft Double Sided Tape

- First Edition Alphabet – Varsity die set

- Tin Can

- Download Your Free Printable Pizza Template Here

- Download Your Free Printable Sandwich Template Here

How to Make:

Project 1: Pizza


1.  To create the base for the pizza, we have cut two 9.5cm x 19.2cm semi circles with the Dovecraft A5 cream foam. Stick the semi circles together by adding tape to the back of the base.

2.  To make the tomato base, we have cut a 16.7cm circle with the A4 red foam and stuck on top of the pizza base with double sided tape.

3.  With a piece of A4 yellow foam, cut a 16.1cm circle with a slight waved edge then layered on top of the red foam to create the cheese.

4.  Roughly cut eight 1cm circles to create the olives. With the red foam, cut seven 3cm circles to make the pepperoni slices. To make the green peppers, cut six 5cm x 0.7cm strips and cut away some of the foam to create more realistic peppers. Place your toppings onto the foam pizza. You can leave the toppings so children can play with them or you can stick the foam pieces down with double side tape once you are happy with their placement.

Project 2: Sandwich


1.  Cut a piece of brown foam into two 8.5cm x 11cm rectangles. Cut the corners to create a curved effect and then cut away a small triangle on the top left and right side of the foam pieces to make a classic bread shape.

2.  With smaller 7.8cm x 10.4cm piece of cream foam and repeat step 1 to create the same bread slice shape. Stick the cream foam onto to the brown foam using double sided tape.

3.  To make the lettuce for your sandwich, roughly cut two 11.8cm x 5.6cm pieces of green foam and make lined impressions on one side to both foam pieces to create more realistic lettuce leaves.

4.  Add tomatoes by cutting three 5.3cm circles out of red foam. Roughly cut six 1.1cm x 1.4cm pink shapes and cutting the sides diagonally to create the tomatoes seeds. Stick these to the red foam circles.

5.  Cut a piece of yellow foam to 9cm x 9.4cm and cut out three circles form the centre of the square. Around the edges, cut out semicircles in various sizes to create the look of emmental cheese

6.  As a finishing touch, we have cut two small 14cm x 1.5cm stripes of purple foam and joined the ends together with double sided tape to create two onion rings.

Project 3: Fizzy Drink


1.  Cut a piece of A4 red foam to 24.6cm x 10.8cm and wrap around the front of your tin can. Stick the foam to the can with double sided tape.

2.  Turn your can upside down so the metal base is at the top. Cut a piece of grey foam into 7.2cm circle. With a small cocktail stick, create a circular impression onto the foam and stick the base with double sided tape.

3.  Cut a small 3.2 cm x 1.6cm oval shape with the grey foam and cut out a small semicircle to create the stay-tab opening. Make a small curved impression opposite the cut out shape and stick close to the circular impression.

4.  Cut a 4.8cm circle out of white foam and cut roughly in half. With the First Edition Alphabet – Varsity die set, cut out the word ‘Cola’ with white foam and stick to the red foam. Add a white semicircle above and below the text using double sided tape to finish.

We would love to see your versions of our foam food and drink projects in the inspiration area & with so many other food options you can have hours of fun creating tasty snacks.

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