Papercraft Fortune Cookie and Takeaway Box Tutorial - DIY Easy Origami PLUS Free Templates To Download

We dug waaaay back into The Craft Blog Archives for this tutorial - it was super popular back in the day, so we thought we'd give it a refresh just in time for Valentine's Day!

You will need:

Fortune Cookie Template and Fortunes Download Sheet, printed on A4 - Download your Fortune Cookie Template

Takeaway Box Template, printed on A3 - Download your Takeaway Box Template

Dovecraft Paper Posies Decoupage Pad - Shop on Amazon

Dovecraft Paper Posies Washi Tape - Shop on Amazon

Dovecraft Paper Posies 12"x12" Paper Pack - Shop on Amazon

Dovecraft Double Sided Glitter Card - Shop on Amazon

Dovecraft Perma Fix Tape - Shop on Amazon

Chopsticks - from your kitchen drawer!

How to Make:

1. Cut out the fortune cookie template, trace it onto your chosen patterned paper, and cut out.

2. You should now have a circle of patterned paper that looks like this.

3. Fold your circle in half and press down in the middle to create a crease.

4. Unfold your circle, turn 90 degrees and fold the other way. Press your thum into the crease you made in the last step, and push towards your other hand to create the fortune cookie.

5. Fold back the two ends to create the fortune cookie shape!

6. Cut out your chosen fortune from the template sheet and pop inside.

7. Once you're happy with the shape, use a little double sided tape between the two halves to stop the shape popping open.

Once your fortune cookies are made, all you need to do is make the takeaway box! Simply cut out the template, score and fold to create the box - then decorate however you like. We used Washi Tape and a Decoupage Piece from the Paper Posies Collection from Dovecraft!


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial - if you make your own fortune cookies, we'd love to see you share them over on our Inspiration Area!

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