How to use First Edition Deco Mache: PLUS all-new designs for 2020

First Edition Deco Maché has been around for a while - but with the mood shifting towards re-using and recycling our waste to be more eco-concious, we thought it was the perfect time to turn the spotlight back onto it!

Whether you've used Deco Maché before or you're a total newbie - it's pretty easy to get the hang of, and there's tons of ways to use it. In this post we'll be showing you a quick how-to, introducing you to the brand new designs fresh for 2020, and then rounding up some inspiration! Let's get started...

You will need:

  • First Edition Deco Maché Papers
  • First Edition Deco Maché Adhesive
  • First Edition Deco Maché Brushes
  • An object to cover (we used a cardboard gift box)

Before you start

Depending on the colour of your base object, you may want to cover it in a white or pale coloured base - especially if you are using a lighter coloured Deco Maché paper!

Cut or tear?

You can achieve different looks with the Deco Maché papers depending on whether you cut or tear them before applying - since our project was a small box, we decided to cut our paper slightly larger than the surface we were applying it to.

Next, paint a thin layer of Deco Maché Adhesive all over the surface you will be applying your papers to. This will help to minimise bubbles and ensure your paper stays stuck down!

Apply your paper and then cover with another thin layer of adhesive, smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles as much as you can. Make sure any loose edges are stuck down to avoid any peeling off later.

And you're done! This is a simple technique that can be used on so many different objects - we'll have a look at some examples later on in this post, but first let's have a look at the brand new papers from First Edition...

Create a stylish, contemporary look with the new Deco Mache Papers from First Edition! The newest additions to the line include delicate florals, abstract painted patterns and even foiled details. Use with First Edition Deco Mache glue to give a new lease of life to a variety of materials – including wood, paper, plastic, glass, metal and more. Makeover a tired piece of furniture; upcycle vintage pieces; create one-of-a-kind home décor or even use in your journaling, scrapbooking or mixed media projects – the possibilities are endless!

Looking for more ideas for how to use Deco Maché? Here's a few of our favourites...

  • Use for gift wrap to make party bags or cover gift boxes
  • Create pretty flower rosettes or paper tassels for home decor or mini album projects
  • Cover notebooks, pencils, pens and folders for fab DIY stationery
  • Upcycle charity shop finds into home decor - bowls, dishes, plates, vases, jewellery boxes and more can be refinished in a flash
  • Recover boring coat hangers and jazz up your wardrobe
  • Refresh tired jewellery or accessories - earrings, bangles, headbands, shoes, bags, phone cases and more all make great deco mache projects
  • Have a go at some origami projects - great for mindfulness
  • Cover wooden or MDF letters and shapes to give them a new look - try our Simply Creative MDF Letters and Numbers or check out Mad Hatters Crafts for unsual shapes
  • Upcycle stained or old plant pots and vases to match your style
  • Refresh old or tired furniture into a jazzy new statement piece - dining chairs, end tables, chests of drawers and stools are all perfect
  • Repurpose jars and tins from your kitchen into pen pots, toothbrush holders, or DIY vases
  • Upcycle gift boxes or packaging into new storage pieces for shelves or drawers - and create a cohesive look by using matching papers

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Deco Maché Pinterest Board - or search for Deco Maché here on the The Craft Blog for even more creativity!

Have you tried Deco Maché before? Do you have any fresh ideas for ways to use it? Tell us in the comments!

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I must try this!



I love Deco Mache!, I've used it to cover boxes, a tree shaped advent calendar with drawers, vases, but my fav project was a wooden bangle I found in a charity shop and recovered with pretty Deco Mache :) the new designs look fresh and I really like the geometric and bright floral designs above :)



This looks great fun and easier than I imagined.



Thanks for a great article, I brought some Deco Maché a while ago but I just wasn't sure that I had all I needed or what I was doing with it. That was until I read this. Thank you going to pluck up the courage to cover my card board boxes this weekend.



Some great ideas here, I won 6 packets of paper a couple of years ago and have never used then as wasn't sure how to use them. I never knew they could be used on glass! Now I know I can do my jars I use for storage. Thank you for the inspiration x x