Five Art Supply Favourites from: Nova

Here at Trimcraft we have a huge range of products across all our brands - and who better to pick out the amazing hidden gems you might have overlooked than our own staff? In this new series here on The Craft Blog, we’re asking our staff all about their favourite products from our ranges – why they love them, what they use them for, and why they recommend them!

In today’s post, Claire from our Marketing department will be telling you all about her 5 favourite supplies from Nova that get her in the mood to create!

Hi everyone, I’m Claire, Marketing Manager at Trimcraft and I am here to tell you about my favourite Nova art products. I would do a top five, however there are only five products currently launched….so I guess it’s a good job I love them all!

I have been at Trimcraft for over 7.5 years and have really enjoyed all the papercraft products we have launched in that time, papercraft is one of my passions. When we discussed launching an arts brand, I was so excited, my inner A-level arts student was very keen to start dabbling with art supplies again.

The great thing about Nova is, it goes so well with all our other papercraft products, allowing you to try mixed media pieces and create different projects using your regular craft stash. Try adding watercolour looks to your stamps or painting some of our wooden shapes to get a different look.

Below are my favourite products in the range and a few ideas on how I have used them.  

Watercolour Markers

What can I say about these marker pens, apart from I LOVE THEM! The colours are so vibrant and you only need a small amount of product to get a lovely watercolour coverage. They have a soft, flexible brush tip that is perfect for covering larger areas. The other end features a bullet tip nib, great for adding detail. I have really enjoyed blending these markers to create beautiful backgrounds and autumnal pictures. One tip is to try adding salt to your wet pictures for really interesting finishes.

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Fabric Markers

I had never really worked with fabric markers before, but it is now one of my favourite mediums, I have experimented with creating modern wall art with abstract shapes on canvas and also using embroidery over fabric marker designs. These markers are also great for kids crafts, get those little hands decorating t-shirts and tote bags as gifts for loved ones.

You can watch my DIY make up bag tutorial here.

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Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is so versatile, the Nova 24 paint set is full of gorgeous colours that can be mixed to create an infinite number of colours for your projects. I have used this product in so many different ways from creating card backgrounds, upcycling old jugs, painting portraits and even revamping old handbags with cool designs.

I was delighted when Nottingham artist Carole Russell painted my dog Zeus using the paints. The detail captured was incredible and this is a piece to treasure. It now hangs on the wall at Trimcraft for all our staff and visitors to see.

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Alcohol Markers

If you are looking for an alcohol marker brand with 126 different colours then look no further. The Nova alcohol markers feature dual broad and fine tips. We use quality Japanese tips as they are durable, won’t fray and distribute the ink smoothly across the paper. Another benefit of these pens are the shape, they stay where you place them and don’t roll all over the place, a crafters bug bear!

Using alcohol markers doesn’t come naturally to me, but I have really enjoyed colouring stamps, doodling and trying my hand at portraits with these markers. It is so relaxing to sit down with a cup of tea and just sketch away after a busy day. Paper choice is important when using markers, listen to Gee Massam’s hints and tips on getting the best out of the Nova alcohol markers.

Trimcraft have plenty of free colouring sheets on the craft blog for you to download and print too.

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Metallic Markers

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle on their craft products, the colours in the metallic bullet markers are so pretty. Great for hand lettering, colouring stamps, journaling and so much more. I used the metallic markers on my gift wrap to create unique festive artwork and I really like the effect I got adding borders to my favourite papers when cardmaking. I would love to learn some calligraphy with these markers, I’ll add that to my crafts to try in 2020.

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I hope I have inspired you to get creating with the Nova art brand, from beginners to professionals there is a medium for everyone and we would love to see what you create. Remember, it isn’t about perfection... it’s about having a go and having fun while you do it!

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These look fab.particularly the watercolour markers,may have to put them on my wishlist. Love the painting of Zeus,my brother had a pointer who was called Zeus,great name.