Upcycled Planters DIY with First Edition Deco Mache

We are big fans of upcycling projects, especially when they are quick, easy and look fab when finished! Today we’re showing you how to take used pop bottles and convert them into lovely planters.

Using the wonderful First Edition Deco Mache papers, we’ve turned something that would usually go in the recycling bin into something that you’ll want to put on display. Fill these planters with your choice of greenery (we opted for a selection of succulents) and place them on your windowsill, desk or anywhere other space that you’d like to brighten up!


Read on as Maxine shows you how to create these stylish planters.

You will Need

First Edition Deco Mache Papers

Deco Mache Glue & Brush

Washed 2L Pop Bottle


How to Make

1.Carefully cut the bottom from the pop bottle and discard the top portion.

2.Cut your chosen Deco Mache paper into small pieces.

3.Apply a layer of Deco Mache glue on the pop bottle and begin to stick down your paper, slightly overlapping each piece. Tip: Work on a small section at a time.


4.Cover over the cut top edge of the bottle with the papers so that they overlap.


5.Seal with another layer of glue.

6. Add soil and your choice of plant and you’re ready to display your upcycled planter!


Will you be creating our Upcycled Planters? We’d love to see if you do, so don’t forget to #Trimcraft when uploading to social media and to share your projects in the Inspiration area.


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It looks amazing and such a great idea, that we can make them fir any arrangement we need it for.