3 Ways with Weaving - Craft Tutorial and Fun DIY Ideas

Our Three Ways With feature looks at creative ways to craft - whether it be ways to use a certain tool, method or everyday item that you might have in your craft stash! 

Today, we’re showing you three ways to create some cool crafts using the weaving method! From creating a stylish jewellery holder to a cool cushion, weaving is a versatile method that can leave you with some super makes that you’ll be excited to share!

Firstly, Maxine is going to show you how to create this quick yet cute earring holder, as well as showing you how to create a super-sweet card and cool cushion! Follow our step-by-step tutorial below…


You will Need

Photo Frame

Dovecraft Foam, Cardstock, Perma-Fix Tape

White Paint


How to Make

1. Paint the frame with white paint and allow this to dry. You may need more than one coat to ensure that you've covered the frame enough. Leave this to fully dry before you move onto the next step. 


2. Add perma-fix to the inside of the frame.

3. Cut strips of coloured Dovecraft foam to fit across the inside of your frame - you can make these as thin or as wide as you like. Adhere one strip to the double-sided tape inside the frame.

3_ways_weaving_2.jpg4. Loosely weave the remaining strips together, leaving small gaps in between each. Adhere these to the double-sided tape when complete.

3_ways_weaving_3.jpg5. Cut a piece of coordinating cardstock to fit inside of the frame.

3_ways_weaving_5.jpg6. Adhere the cardstock to the back of the frame.

3_ways_weaving_6.jpgYou now have your finished jewellry holder ready to display! This make is perfect for if you're trying to get tidy and organised - we chose to display earrings on our frame to keep them safe and together!

3_ways_weaving_9-(1).jpgFor this stylish card, we cut 6” strips of the beautiful First Edition Wanderlust paper pad and wove them together to fit the front of a 6” x 6” card blank. Using this selection of beautiful co-ordinating papers allows the weave to stand out and creates a fun, bold design. We topped this card with a sentiment made using the fun First Edition Alphabet Tile dies to create a thoughtful Mother’s Day card.

3_ways_weaving_10.jpgLooking for a quick home décor project? Look no further than our woven cushion, created using Dovecraft ribbon. Take a plain or old cushion cover and customise this by using coloured ribbons of your choice to suit your interior. Create a woven design around the edges of the cushion cover by crossing the ends of the ribbons over each other and sewing them with a sewing machine.


What do you think about these weaving crafts? Will you be trying any of these makes? We’d love to see if you do, so don’t forget to #Trimcraft when uploading to social media and to share your projects in the Inspiration area!

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