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First of all, what is really great about this blog is that is mirrors a lot of the same functions you had seen on our old blog so it’s going to take you no time at all to get your head round it.

We have slowly but surely been building a collection of detailed, step by step video tutorials. Now, we have a section dedicated to these fabulous videos that you can visit whenever you like. This page is located under the tab, ‘Freebies’. You’ll also find our ever growing collection of free papers, printables and templates in this section.


Our forum is just like one you know and love but with an updated and fresh look. Follow your favourite threads and catch up with each other to discuss crafty tips and ideas! To keep up to date with a specific forum or topic, you can now subscribe which will notify you when a crafter posts on that thread. You’ll never miss out on the latest news, great right?


Inspiration is the place to go to upload your new projects or if you’re on the look for creative ideas! To upload projects, simply go to ‘account’ at the top of the page and click ‘create inspiration’.  There is also a ‘create inspiration’ button on the ‘your inspiration’ page.


Much like the project gallery, you will also find our Design Team’s and other crafters pretty makes in the inspiration section.

Like Instagram, you can ‘follow’ your friends and favourite crafters. Simply click on a project made by them and click the ‘follow’ button. Every craft they upload will feature in your activity feed- in the drop down menu under ‘account’. Very similar to a news feed on Facebook, the activity feed will ensure you never miss a project posted by a crafter you follow!


Keep up to date with our latest tutorials in our easy to use blog section! Our fantastic new filter featured on the left hand side will help you find exactly what you’re on the look for. A purple craft, a new home card making tutorial, there are so many options to pick from to get the inspiration you need, quicker than ever.


Better yet, if you want to look back on an article we have posted, you can click the ‘Save’ button on your chosen tutorial and this will then be held in your ‘Saved Inspiration’ area under ‘Account’. This action is perfect for saving your favourite tutorials to look through at the weekend or when you have a free moment.

We love our social media pages so to keep you updated with what we are up to and new sneaky peeks we are sharing, we have a brilliant Instagram stream on our home page, super handy!

Pop on over to our Demos section to locate a free demonstration near you! Easy to use, you’ll have times and addresses in a few clicks. The handy map on this page will locate all your closest stores once you enter in your post code, it’s like magic.


If you ever want to send a private message, you’ll now find your ‘inbox’ in your account section in the drop down menu at the top of this page.


At the top of the home page, you will find a ‘FAQ’ section filled with questions and answers to help you understand our blog better. If you have any enquiries, please send an email to [email protected]

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Thanks for the easy to follow update!



sorry to reply on here, but its the only place I can actually type something. How do you make a comment on a thread? where are my Challenge projects? why are we shown very old comments first ? I have a silly pink Follow Us box at the bottom of my screen how do I get that off?



The Trimcraft site is quite straightforward enough you just have to perceive with it and follow the instructions, I found it straight forward enough, Happy 😊 crafting everyone. Irene iccrafter.



Hi I am finding it quite hard to get into this site, dont like it one bit, its too bright for my eyes & get a headache every time i come on here so im thinking of coming off it if the screen does not change, I prefer the old site at least you got a bit of protection with your eyes with the colours.moan over.xx thanks. maureen.xx



have never used a BLOG before, think this "old" lady has a lot of reading to do this w/e. Might have to peg a Grandson down for the afternoon!! Desconto