Mother’s Day MDF Home Décor Gift Tutorial

Trimcraft have recently launched a range of MDF letters, numbers and shapes for your DIY projects here we show you a sweet idea for mother’s day.

You will Need

MDF letters

DecoArt chalk paint – Nostalgia, Timeless

Simply Creative Decoupage Paper

Simply Creative Flower Girl 6x6 Paper Pad

First edition Foil Glue, Foil, Layered Flower Die Set, Decomache Glue

Twine& Gems

Mother’s Day MDF Home Décor Gift Tutorial content image

How to Make

1.  Cover one of the M’s with the Simply Creative decoupage paper by cutting the papers into small squares and applying decoupage glue to the MDF. Layer your paper onto the letter and brush the glue on top to secure your decoupage paper.

2.  Paint the other M with the Deco Art Timeless paint, apply two coats to ensure all of the MDF letter is covered. When dry, apply a small amount of Deco Art Nostalgia paint to a dry brush, as you only want a hint of this colour and carefully brush on top of your first painted layer. Once your letter is dry, repeat the last step with the Timeless paint to add a vintage look.

3.   Ensure your letter is fully dry and choose two parts of the M you would like to add twine to. Wrap double sided tape around your chosen section and begin to wrap the twine over the tape to secure it. Add purple gems to coordinate with your MDF letter in the top right hand side of your M.

4.  Choose a paper design from the Simply Creative Flower Girl 6x6 paper pad. Die cut  a large and small flower using  the First Edition Flower die set and layer them on the bottom left of your MDF letter, add a gem in the middle of your flower to finish.

5.  Lastly, cover the U with two coats of the DecoArt Timeless paint. When dry apply some of the foil glue to the MDF in diagonal lines across the letter.

6.  Allow the glue to go clear, then cut out a square of the First Edition gold foil. Ensure that the shiny side is facing up when you layer it on your U, then rub the foil across the letter and slowly peel back to see your golden stripes!

This simple and effective gift is so easy to personalise, any embellishments will work! The Dovecraft Washi tapes would be a great way to add colour and interest to your MDF letters! What crafty embellishments are you going to add to your Mother’s day letters? Upload your pretty makes to the project gallery and #trimcraft on social media so we can see your fabulous projects!

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