DIY Pretty Posy Cake Box Craft Tutorial


You will need

First Edition 12 x 12 Pretty Posy papers

Dovecraft Acetate

How to make

1.  Take a 12 x 12 sheet of Pretty Posy paper, score at 4.5cm and 9cm on all four sides.

2.  On the left hand side cut along the 4cm  score lines to 9cm and on the right hand side, cut along the 9cm  and 21.5cm score lines to remove the corners.

3.  Next, on your 9cm horizontal score lines cut in 9cm on all four sides to create the corner flaps.

4.  Fold the sides in to make the box shape. Cut a 12.5 cm square piece of Pretty Posy paper to fit in the bottom of the box.

5.  To make the lid cut a 18cm square of coordinating Pretty Posy paper, score at 2.5 cm on all four sides.  Make a cut along the score line at each corner.

6.   Draw an 11cm square on the centre of your lid with a 1cm border around the edge. Next, draw a 1cm wide line across the centre, vertically and horizontally to make 4 squares. Cut each square from the lid to create a window.

TIP Draw your template on the inside of your lid and ensure to use a pencil so you can rub out your template lines once you’re finished.

7. Cut a 12.5cm square of acetate and adhere to the inside of the lid.

Never again will you have to rely on the biscuit tin in your cupboard with this easy tutorial. To achieve an alternative theme, just pick a different papercraft collection that will match your bakes, simple! Remember to upload your own versions to the Inspiration Area, we’d love to see them.





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Super posy cake 🎂 Box, and those cakes look 👀 yummy 😋



We're so glad that you like this weeks flash back! Crafts like these are so great for baking gifts I think.



Awesome idea, just think, I´mm make some dividers for it too, but it´s also very easy to do. It sure looks amazing.