Card Shape of the Month Mother’s day Floral Muse Handbag


Make a card your mum will treasure this Mother’s day, like this delicate, butterfly filled card. This make is especially perfect for those mothers that love fashion accessories.



You will Need 

Dovecraft A4 white card stock


Floral Muse 8x8 papers, Gems, Accordion Stickers, Sentiment Stickers, Butterfly Stickers and Embossing folder.

First Edition Butterfly die set, Alphabet Die set and Textured Cardstock

Velcro dot 



How to Make

1.Take an A4 piece of white cardstock and place it landscape on your scoreboard. Measure horizontally and make vertical score lines at 5cm 15cm17.5cm and 20cm.

2.Fold along the score lines, a valley fold at the 5cm and 15cm, a mountain fold at 17.5cm and a valley fold at20cm. (Tip - Use this shape to make a nice clutch bag card.)

3.Fold together your bag shape and with the front facing you, measure 2cm in from the left. Cut diagonally down to 10cm and then do the same on the right hand side. 

4.To make the bag flap, measure 5cm down from the top of your card. Next, measure 0.5 cm in from each side of your card and cut diagonally to the top corner. Ensure to round your flap corners to leave it with a classy finish. 

5.Next, to cover the outside and inside of your bag, choose 7 coordinating sheets from the Floral Muse 8x8 paper pack. Cut each sheet down to fit the Floral Muse embossing folder. Emboss each paper sheet and then one by one, stick a sheet to a section of the bag. Cut around your bag shape ensuring to remove any extra paper. 

6. To create the handle, cut an 8cm circle out from a piece of white cardstock. Cut in half and ensuring to leave a 1.5cm border, cut out the remainder of the circle to make your handle. Cut a v at each end to add shape to the handle. Cover the handle with an embossed sheet of Floral Muse paper, cut off any excess paper and use double sided tape to adhere your handle to your bag flap. Add a pink gem to each end of the handle to add interest.

7.Pick a heart accordion sticker and ensuring it’s in the centre, adhere to the bottom of your bag flap to act as a clasp.

8.For your mountain fold inside of your card, cut two 14cm strips of Floral Muse paper and glue to each side of your mountain fold. Cut the excess paper on each side.

9.Using the First Edition butterfly die set, die cut three sizes of butterflies from the Floral Muse pad. To add dimension, glue three butterflies together, from large to small and adhere this to your mountain fold, add pearls to the body. Do this twice to balance out the design. Die cut a few little butterflies to decorate the inside of your card.

10.Take the ‘ With Love’ sentiment sticker from the Floral Muse sticker sheet and adhere this to the inside of your bag, just under your mountain fold. Make sure that it’s placed in the centre.

11.Cut three 5cm x 0.5cm strips of acetate, adhere each piece using double sided tape to the back of the mountain fold. Placing the first one in the centre and one each side. Add the butterfly stickers to the top of each piece of acetate.

12.Die cut the word MUM using the First Edition Alphabet die set onto pink textured cardstock. Adhere each letter to the butterflies using glue.

13.To finish, add a Velcro dot to the inside of the bag flap and one on the outside of your bag to keep the bag closed when standing up.

This pretty card will certainly take pride of place in your mum’s home.  Make sure to upload your wonderful versions in the project gallery, we’d love to see them!



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