Technicolour Motivation – December Free Printable Motivational Papers For Kicking Off Your New Year

We know, we know… It’s still the festive season, but there can never be “too many” free papers right?

We totally agree, so here they are! With cool abstract patterns and bold prints in a technicolour dream, these papers are the perfect thing to inject a bit of fun and life into any New Year crafts you have on the horizon.


We’ve also included a sheet of 4 dazzling motivational quotes to really keep you going over the hump of New Year!


We’ve also put together a few fun things that you could do with the papers to make the most of them.

Download your FREE papers here & let’s get crafty!

Motivational Notebook Upcycle

Turn your old dull notebooks into a bright and cheerful place to write down thoughts, lists or weekly to-do’s!


You Will Need:

  • Dot & Dab Foam Tape
  • Dovecraft PermaFix Tape
  • Scissors
  • Old Notebook
  • Free Downloadable Papers

How To Make: 

1. Measure the cover of your note book and trace this shape on to your favourite paper pattern.

2. Cut this out and attach to you notebook with PermaFix.

3. Cut out your favourite motivational quote from the free papers.

4. Attach this to the front of your decorated notebook using Dot & Dab Foam Tape for added dimension.


Now you have a bright and cheerful notebook of your own! Why not turn this into a little gift for someone you love? Create a whole bundle of notebooks and tie them up with a little ribbon. Add it to an little hamper with a few washi tapes, gel pens and anything else that you think goes well to create a motivational stationery bundle!


New Year Vision Board.

This DIY is super simple and a really helpful way to display your goals and visions for the year ahead.


You Will Need:

  • Dovecraft PermaFix Tape
  • Free Downloadable papers
  • Dovecraft Rainbow Ribbons
  • Dovecraft Silver Metallic Pegs
  • Small Canvas
  • Small Nails or Staple Gun

How To Make:

1. Measure the size of you canvas and trace this onto your chosen design of paper. We’ve chosen to use the leopard print pattern for a fun flare!

2. Cut this shape out and attach to the canvas using PermaFix around the edges.

3. Using different coloured ribbons of your choice, wrap them around the canvas overlapping in some areas. Use a small nail or staples to keep the ribbons in place.

4. Attach some motivational quotes to the ribbons and other hopes and dreams that you would find useful to see.


This is a super helpful tool for motivating you throughout the year. Add more quotes, reminders and affirmations for yourself and hang it somewhere you can see every day!

What will you be making with these Free Motivational Papers? We would love to see what you create, so don’t forget to upload your makes to the inspiration area and to #Trimcraft when uploading to social media!

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Some truly amazing inspirational sayings here, that´ll work really great for so many things, and beside this great idea they would b awesome inside a card for our friends too, to boost them self a bit.



Thank you so much, this was exactly what we thought when we created these papers. Hope they bring joy x