Crafty Christmas Gift Guide: All About The Artists

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… once the Christmas shopping is out of the way!  *cue slightly panicked laughter*

All jokes aside Christmas shopping can be hectic, especially when it comes to the world of craft. Do not fear! We are here to simplify this (as best we can) for you. So sit back, grab a hot drink and let’s get this Christmas shopping sorted!



  • Small Set of Paint Brushes - £6

A small set of paint brushes make a great stocking filler. There are so many different uses for paintbrushes and are perfectly suited to many different art styles. We love this set from The Works that includes an 11 piece paint brush set and a canvas bag to keep everything organised.

  • Basic Colouring Pencils - £2.94

Colouring pencils are a staple in many artists’ kits! Perfect for any skill set, colouring pencils give creative freedom to the user and can be use in a professional capacity or just for a hobby! This Staedtler 12 pack is a great choice for a stocking filler with a complete range of colours and low price point.

  • Dovecraft Acrylic Block - £3.99

Really? An acrylic block? Yes! These Dovecraft acrylic blocks have more uses that what meets the eye. Use it for easy stamping with the grid pattern for guidance, as an easy to clean and travel with palette for acrylic paints, for mixing watercolours and more! There are two sizes for these acrylic blocks a small and a large.

  • Collapsible Water Cup - £5.90

This is something we at HQ had never seen before but our Marketing Executive Alli clued us in! Collapsible water cups are great for artists that require a paintbrush or water. We’re sure you’re thinking, why not use a standard cup? The Faber-Castle Click and Go Water Cups are great for students, travelling artist, outdoor artists, or if you don’t have much space to paint. It also doubles as a paint brush holder with its waved rim.

  • Dovecraft Scissors - £ 3.59

Dovecraft carries a wide range of quality scissors for all different occasions. The precision scissors are the perfect choice for staple pair of scissors for all occasions, but if you’re looking for something a little different, why not try some of the decorative Dovecraft scissors. There are 8 different designs to choose from for fun looks, perfect for paper artists.  

  • Sharpener and Eraser Combo - £2.87

This is another staple for any artist. We don’t think this one needs explaining much but this is another cheap and cheerful addition to a stocking. We like this Swordfish “Twin Combo” Sharper as it has a mess free canister, two different sizes of sharpener to accommodate different pencil sizes and an eraser lid to protect your eraser.

  • Small Sketch Book - £5.50

A small sketchbook makes a fabulous gift for any artist. There are a range of sizes and paper types so what you buy will depend greatly of the type of artist you are buying for. If you’re not sure, a multimedia sketchbook is your best bet. This is a great paper pad for any artist style. We recommend this Daler Rowney Mixed Media Spiral Pad from Hobbycraft.

  • Nova Metallic Markers - £4.73

Metallic markers are making a comeback and we love this set from Nova. Add highlights to other art mediums or create totally unique art with a glamourous twist. For less than £5 you can’t go wrong!



  • Nova Watercolours - £10

Perfect for stamping projects, colouring, and water colouring (without the mess!) Nova’s Dual-Tipped Watercolour Markers are ideal for both beginners and professionals! They are super easy to use - apply the water-based pigment ink to your project, add a little water and watch as it blends like a dream!

  • Artists Palette - £6.99

An artist’s palette is an essential piece of kit and range in price depending on what you are looking for. It’s a starting point for many artists, giving them a place to mix paints and create colour palettes for their work. Palettes are useful for a wide range of artist including paints, watercolours and inks. As a starting point, a cheap palette is all you need but you could upgrade this to make a main gift. For more on different palettes take a look at this helpful list on Art Is Fun!

  • Nova Designer Markers - £7.99

If you’re looking for a set of marker pens, look no further! The Nova Dual-Tip Markers are suitable for beginners and experts alike, have dual-tips for wider coverage and finer details and each pack includes 6 beautiful hues that are easy to blend and use on a variety of different surfaces!

If you’re looking for something more substantial, try out the 24 packs! There is a classic set which includes a wide range of different colours, a nature set that has every colour you could need for nature inspired creations and a socials blend with a stunning set of natural colours and key brights.

  • Quality Papers or Canvas – Varied

A quality paper pad is a must for an artist. Using the wrong paper can ruin a piece of art (read more about paper types in our Tips, Tricks & Fun Effects – How To Use The Nova Watercolour Pens article) so it’s important to start with the correct surface.

As mentioned in the stocking fillers, if you don’t know what media to buy for, a multi-media pad is the best pad to go for as it accommodates for as many medias as possible.

  • Nova Acrylic Paints - £12.99

Any budding painter would love a complete set of quality acrylic paints and there is a whole range out there! The Nova Acrylic Paints include 24 bold colours and 3 free brushes perfect for artists that use canvas, papers, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, terracotta, chalkboard and more!

  • Dovecraft Messy Mat - £7.99

The Dovecraft Messy Mat truly is a must have, whether you are an artist or crafter! This A3 wipe-clean mat is ideal for ink blending, painting, hot glue, stamping, heat embossing, watercolours, markers and more – no need to swap surfaces mid-project! When you’re finished, simply wipe it clean – and it even rolls up for handy storage.

  • Dovecraft Glass Mat - £16.51

Meet your new favourite crafting surface – the Dovecraft Essentials Ultimate Glass Cutting Mat. Cut and measure accurately every time with the built-in paper size markings, angle guidelines, and handy double grid measurement guidelines. Plus, there’s no need to change surfaces mid-project – this premium tempered glass mat holds up to papercutting, stamping, heat embossing, painting, hot glue, mixed media and much more.


There are so many more things you can buy for your arty friends this Christmas, but these are just our favourites. We’d love to know what your recommendations would be. Let us know in the comments below!

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