How to Make a No Sew DIY Kitchen Roll Pencil Case

Yes, this really was a kitchen roll!

Create a DIY no sew pencil case that’s really easy to make with Martina’s simple instructions. She took a simple cardboard kitchen roll tube, and transformed it to make a fun new home for your pencils!


This DIY pencil case is perfect for keeping your pens, pencils, paint brushes and other stationery items all together in one pot. It’s also perfect for storing items on your desk and will help to organise your space.

We used the super fun Fiesta Fever papers from First Edition for this make. Read on to find out how to create your own…

You will Need:

First Edition Fiesta Fever 12” x 12” Paper Pad (FEPAD191),  with sentiments from First Edition Fiesta Fever 6” x 6” (FEPAD193), 

Dovecraft Nature’s Grace Mini Bows (DCRBN032), 

Dovecraft Card Stock,

Kitchen Roll Tube



How to Make:

1. Take your empty kitchen roll and march at 15.5cm and 16.5cm from one end all the way around the tube. Cut at the 16.5 mark.

2. Cut approximately 1cm spaced fringing up to the 15.5cm line.  Carefully fold the fringing in at the marked line.


3. Die cut a card circle to go inside the tube. This one measures 5cm diameter – or you could draw around the tube and cut a circle from scrap card to the same size. Place the circle inside the tube (it doesn’t need to be a tight fit) and glue the fringing in place, a section at a time. You may a ruler helpful to push the circle from the inside.


4. Measure around the tube and add 1cm. Cut patterned paper 18.5cm x this measurement. Score 3cm from the top and cut 1cm spaced fringing from the top to the score line. Stick to the tube, leaving the fringing. Then fold and stick the fringing to the inside, a section at a time.


5. Die cut or measure four 5.5 cm circles and cut a 5 x 18cm strip from yellow cardstock. Score and burnish the strip of card at 2 and 4cm.  Stick the 2cm sections together leaving about 1cm unstuck at one end, this is so the other end can be tucked inside when you attach it to the circle to make the lid.  Use your fingers to curve it slightly. 


6. Make fringing as before on the 1cm section.  Tuck folded ends into each other until the circle fits snuggly inside.  Stick fringing to outside of the lid. 


7. Stick coloured circles of different sizes onto one of the other yellow circles then stick to lid pressing down firmly. 


8. When dry, make a hole in the centre of the lid. Thread the ribbon through the top and stick the ends to the inside of the lid (we used a Nature’s Grace mini bow for this). Stick the ends to the inside of the lid, then cover with another yellow circle.


9. Stick the remaining yellow circle to the bottom of the tube. 


10. Add a 2.5cm strip of green patterned paper to the bottom then decorate with words cut from the sentiment sheet.


TIP: If the lid is slightly loose, you could add a 2.5cm strip of paper or washi tape to the top of the tube.

Your no sew pencil case is now complete! The perfect place to store your pens, pencils, paint brushes or other stationery items.

Will you be creating your own versions of Martina’s no sew pencil case?

We’d love to see if you do, so don’t forget to upload your versions to the Inspiration area and to #Trimcraft when sharing to social media. You can also follow Martina on Instagram: @martinasmakes

Most importantly, stay inspired and keep crafting!

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