DIY Felt Tooth Fairy with Free Template

The tooth fairy is something that many children believe in. They loose a tooth, put it under their pillow and in the morning there is a coin where the tooth was! Let’s be honest, as a parent, it can be hard to find the tooth sometimes… especially if it’s moved from under the pillow in the night.


Here is the solution! Create this cute little tooth fairy using our new Dovecraft felt pack! This tooth fairy includes a Hook and Loop pouch perfect for keeping teeth safe through the night, making it easier for you to find and swap out for that magical coin. (Oh sorry, we mean for the tooth fairy to find and swap out for that magical coin!)

Download your free tooth fairy template here

You Will Need:

  • New Dovecraft felt pack,
  • Our Free Template,
  • Dot and Dab Super Glue,
  • Dot and Dab Hook and Loop Dots,
  • Cotton Stuffing

How to make:

1. Print out your free template.


2. Using the white felt, cut out two tooth shapes and the larger circle.


3. Using the yellow felt, cut out the crown shape.


4. Using blue felt, cut out two wing shapes.


This is what you should have so far:


5. From cardboard, cut out one smaller circle.


6. Using Dot and Dab Super Glue, attach the small cardboard circle to the middle of one tooth shape.


7. Using Dot and Dab super glue, attach the crown and wings as shown below.


8. Attach this to the other side of tooth shape by using super glue only on the small cardboard circle.


9. Glue around the edge of the tooth shape to join the edges together. Leave a small gap at the top so you can stuff your tooth fairy and make it cuddly.


10. Add stuffing to the tooth and close the gap using the super glue.



11. Choose a side to be the back of your tooth fairy and attach the large circle to the middle. Only glue around the edge of half of the circle, this will form a pocket when attached to the tooth fairy.


12. Attach the Dot & Dab Hook and Loop fastening to the pocket so that the pocket can open and close.


13. Add some cute eyes and cheeks to complete this magical tooth fairy!


Now you have your very own tooth fairy teddy! This will help you keep the magic of the tooth fairy alive and your children are sure to love it too!


Will you be creating a tooth fairy teddy? We’d love to see you versions of this, so don’t forget to upload your versions to the Inspiration area and #Trimcraft when sharing to social media! Most importantly, stay inspired and keep crafting!

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This is just tooo cute, and thanks sooo much for the template too.