Travel Emoticon Noughts and Crosses Game Tutorial

Worried about keeping the kids entertained on your travels? Not to fear! Kathy has prepared a fantastic tutorial that the little ones will love to play with!  Today she is going to show us how to create our very own version of noughts and crosses with the awesome First Edition Emoticon dies set!


What you Need

Dovecraft Junior Creative Foam pack – Neutrals, Dovecraft Creative Foam in Black, Brown, and Yellow, Red A4 card, White Chalk Marker

First Edition Emoticon Dies

Hook and loop tape (2cm wide)


How to Make

1. Cut a sheet of Dovecraft A4 Black Foam to create a 14cm square.


2. Make a mark at 5cm and 9cm about a third of the way down the foam and repeat about two thirds of the way down. Join the points with a chalk marker starting at 1cm and finishing at 13cm. 


3. Rotate 90 degrees and repeat to complete the grid. (TIP: clean the ruler after drawing each line to avoid smudging or transferring the chalk ink) Cut an 18cm length of hook and loop tape and trim to nine 2cm lengths. Attach the loop side of the tape inside each of the squares on the grid.

kids_activities_crafts_3.jpg4. Cut five poo emoticon dies on to Dovecraft brown foam and four heart-eye emoticon dies onto cream foam.

kids_activities_crafts_4.jpg5. You will also need to die cut four poo and five heart eye designs on to Dovecraft A4 red card.  Fill in any gaps on your die cuts with the red die cuts.


6. Attach the hook side of the tape to the back of each foam emoticon (you might need to snip the corners of the tape on the poo emoticons so that it isn’t showing over the edge). Now you can enjoy a game of emoji noughts and crosses whilst out and about in the car, on the plane or on the train!



The best part of this fab game is (if it wasn’t the hilarious poo and heart eye faces) is that the kids won’t lose track of their game if the board is tipped up!


You could also make a little pocket for a diary and pencils using Dovecraft foam. By punching holes along the edges, you can thread twine and ‘sew’ two pieces together to make the pocket. With these travel activities your journeys are sure to be more ‘fun’ than ‘Are we there yet, mum?’.

kids_activities_crafts_10.jpgHow will you use Kathy’s cool ideas for your next trip? We’d love to see so don’t forget to #trimcraft when uploading to social media and to share your game designs in the inspiration area!

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