Interview with Marian Emberson from WOW!

We are thrilled to be releasing WOW!’s selection of stunning embossing powders over the next few weeks! Today, Marion from WOW! is going to tell us more about this fab company and her top tips and tricks with these products.

Tell us more about the company, WOW!

WOW! was born out of a need for excellent quality coloured embossing powders that were missing from the craft industry some 10 years ago. We have worked really hard to bring embossing 'back to life' after a lull, it was always deemed as a product just used with stamps. WOW! have changed all that, and now the WOW! Brand is known worldwide.

How does WOW! Stand out from other embossing powder companies?

 The quality of the powder and glitters we use are the best, alongside that, our USP is that our powders and glitters are static free as are our jars. We NEVER recommend decanting our powders into plastic containers as the static will just be put back in, also only ever use metal spoons.

What is your favourite WOW product?

Oh my… There's so many, then again I am biased !!! If I really had to choose I would go for SPARKLES, they are our Premium Glitters, what girl doesn't love glitter ? I love to use them on their own or mix them with our Embossing Powder and make my own embossing glitter, as long as the ratio is no more than 1:1, the possibilities are endless.


How do you use the WOW! Embossing Powders?

I use them on pretty much everything, See question 6.

Are there any unusual and unique ways to use the embossing powders?

There are so many ways to use them, check out our technique guide here…  One of my favourite techniques is to take white chipboard and sprinkle different coloured WOW! powders all over it, filling the shape up completely, then cover with some baking parchment and heat from the top, the powders will melt and merge into one another and when fully melted they look like a piece of enamel, this is a great technique for making jewellery pieces.

What surfaces can you use WOW! Embossing powders on?

They can be used on wood, metal, glass, ceramic, acetate, fabric (although you can't wash it), in fact anything that isn't going to melt. Just make sure on any really smooth surface i.e. glass etc that its completely clean, I always dust it with talcum powder or cornstarch to remove any oil traces left from fingerprints.


Have you ever had an embossing powder fail?

Oh I've probably had loads, my worst one was using our Melt-It in our Foil case to use with our Silicone moulds, normally I always melt it over the table, this time, I'd turned around and was chatting, wasn't looking what i was doing and didn't realise i was tipping the molten liquid on to the floor !! I thought the carpet was ruined, but let it set then applied ice cubes to freeze it and managed to chip it off… phew !!!

What project are you most proud of that features the embossing powders?

This is probably one of my favourite makes, especially as my style is normally really clean and simple and I went outside the box for this one. Plus it uses lots of techniques and products !! 


This shows the Enamel look heart and the Sparkly card is using our Sparkles with Double Sided Adhesive Sheets. So simple, yet effective


Are there any new colours or effects that we can look out for?

We're always bringing new Powders, Sparkles and Stamps out, as for effects, it's usually through 'playing' that a new technique gets born. We were recently at a trade show and go to play with ken Oliver's Color Burst, it's like a marriage made in heaven, who'd have thought ?? The look of this small heart was a mistake that actually looked really good after all!


What is your top embossing powder tip?

Always handle your card from the edges, so as not to get finger marks on it, the powder will stick to anything wet, moist, damp, even if you thing you have dry hands there's still oils that get transferred. Always shake the Embossing Glitters before using and above play, experiment, have fun. After all, it's only a piece of card!

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Ohhh Wow!! absolutely love the projects you've shown and learing a bit more about you. I've been looking to buy some new embossing powders, most of mine are ancient, plain and boring, but WOW have such exciting colours and finishes and knowing i can use them in my Trimcraft makes, well that just has me sold, my only problem is: so many to choose from, where to start? :D



I LOVE Wow! powders... I received an order a couple of days ago of the blends and the flocks (as fancied a play!) So exciting!! Whoop!!



Love love love Wow embossing powders! Went on a training day recently - such fun! Loving the new sparkles glitters! And now they're teamed up with Trimcraft - what more could one want?!!!! So excited!



Hi Marion, Lovely to have WoW on board. Iv'e worked with WoW on their Design Team in the past and the Embossing powders are absolutely fabulous. So many colours and so many different effects you can achieve. I'm really looking forward to using the powders - exciting times ahead. WoW indeed.



Wow wow these Embossing powders are fabulous great projects:)



Yay, Marion is fabulous! We met at a trade show in The US in 2015 and she's been a great inspiration. She lets me design for the WOW DT too.....her work is amazing x