Free Trimcraft Christmas Demos at The Range

This is a wonderful opportunity to get inspiration for your crafting and to ask our lovely demonstrators for any of their tips and tricks to make the perfect, Christmas project.

Lincolnwith Elaine on the 06/08/2016

Barnsley with Nicole on the 06/08/2016

Basingstoke with Sue on the 06/08/2016

Corby with Elaine on the 07/08/2016

Taunton with Jean M on the 07/08/2016

York with Josephine on the 07/08/2016

Doncaster with Nicole on the 07/08/2016

St Helens with Sally on the 07/08/2016

Aldershot withSue on the 07/08/2016

Nottingham with Nicole on the13/08/2016

Enfield with Shabneez on the 13/08/2016

Chatham with Alex on the 14/08/2016

Truro with Christine on the 14/08/2016

Stevenage withElaine on the 14/08/2016

Rotherham with Nicole on the 14/08/2016

Maidstone with Shabneez on the 14/08/2016

Pitsea with Sue on the 14/08/2016

Exeter with Christine on the 20/08/2016

Bedford with Elaine on the 20/08/2016

Aberdeen withGeraldine on the 20/08/2016

Bridgwater with Jean on the 20/08/2016

Hull with Josephine on the 20/08/2016

Perth with Karen on the 20/08/2016

West Bromwich with Louise on the 20/08/2016

Sheffield with Nicole on the 20/08/2016

Bromborough with Sally on the 20/08/2016

Peterborough with Elaine on the 21/08/2016

Dundee with Karen on the 21/08/2016

Grimsby with Nicole on the 21/08/2016

Preston with Sally on the 21/08/2016

Worthing with Sue on the 21/08/2016

Kings Lynn withElaine on the 27/08/2016

Weston with Jean on the 27/08/2016

Benton with Josephine on the the 27/08/2016

Tamworth withLouise on the 27/08/2016

Loughborough with Nicole on the 27/08/2016

Burnley with Sally on the 27/08/2016

Bracknell with Sue on the 27/08/2016

Gosport with Dianne on the 28/08/2016

St. Austell with Christine on the 28/08/2016

Gateshead with Josephine on the 28/08/2016

Milton Keynes with Elaine on the 28/08/2016

Derby with Nicole on the 28/08/2016

Rochdale with Sally on the 28/08/2016

Folkestone with Alex on the 28/08/2016

Wishaw with Karen on the 03/09/2016

Willenhall withLouise on the  03/09/2016

Plymouth –Plymstock with Christine on the 04/09/2016

Scunthorpe with Josephine on the 04/09/2016

Glasgow with Karen on the 04/09/2016

Sutton In Ashfield withNicole on the 04/09/2016

Leyland with Sally on the 04/09/2016

Newport with Jean on the10/09/2016

Clacton with Caroline on the 10/09/2016

Colchester with Caroline on the 11/09/2016

Canterbury with Alex on the 11/09/2016

Queensferry with Sally on the 11/09/2016

Romford with Shabneez on the 11/09/2016

Edinburgh withKaren on the 17/09/2016

Ipswich with Caroline on the 17/09/2016 - NEW

Exmouth with Christine on the 18/09/2016

Southampton Antelope Park with Dianne on the 18/09/2016

Blackburn withJanice on the 18/09/2016

Bradford with Josephine on the18/09/2016

Limerick with Mary on the 18/09/2016- NEW

Plymouth Peverell withChristine on the 24/09/2016

Boston with Elaine on the 24/09/2016

Kilmarnock with Karen on the 24/09/2016

Norwich with Caroline on the 24/09/2016

Dudley with Louise on the 24/09/2016

Broadstairs with Alex on the 25/09/2016

Grantham with Elaine on the 25/09/2016

Sunderland with Josephine on the 25/09/2016

Gloucester with Jean  on the 25/09/2016

Thurrock with Shabneez on the25/09/2016

Portsmouth with Dianne on the01/10/2016

Burton with Janice on the 01/10/2016

Carlisle with Karen on the 01/10/2016

Harlow with Caroline on the 01/10/2016

Darlington with Josephine on the 02/10/2016

Dumfries with Karen on the 02/10/2016

Reading with Shabneez on the 02/10/2016

Bolton with Sally on the 02/10/2016

Dorchester with Dianne on the 08/10/2016

Southend with Caroline on the 08/10/2016

Camarthen with Eiry on the 08/10/2016

Rugby with Louise on the 08/10/2016

Aintree with Sally on the 08/10/2016

Southampton with Dianne on the 09/10/2016

Warrington with Janice on the 09/10/2016

Halifax with Josephine on the 09/10/2016

Eccles with Rizwana on the 09/10/2016

Southport withSally on the 09/10/2016

Watford with Sue on the 09/10/2016

Torquay with Christine on the 15/10/2016

Bournemouth with Dianne on the 15/10/2016

Stafford with Janice on the 15/10/2016

Cardiff with Jean on the 15/10/2016

Stockton with Josephine on the 15/10/2016

Erdington with Louise on the 15/10/2016

Altrincham with Rizwana on the  16/10/2016

Falkirk with Karen on the 16/10/2016

Slough with Sue on the 16/10/2016

Swansea with Eiry on the 22/10/2016

Bristol with Jean on the 22/10/2016

Leeds with Josephine on the 22/10/2016

Coventry with Louise on the 22/10/2016

Kilmarnock with Karen on the 22/10/2016

Kidderminster with Louise on the 29/10/2016

Bristol (Imperial) with Jean on the 30/10/2016

Bridgend with Eiry on the 05/11/2016

Hereford with Louise on the 05/11/2016

Chesterfield with Janice on the 06/11/2016

Stoke on Trent with Janice on the 12/11/2016

Shrewsbury with Louise on the 12/11/2016

Swindon with Louise on the 19/11/2016

Cheltenham with Louise on the 26/11/2016

Wow what a list! We hope you’ll be able to visit our demonstrations, they will certainly help get you in the festive spirit and our lovely demonstrators would love to meet you and answer any burning questions you have!

Please note demonstration dates may change so please check again before your visit

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