Dovecraft Washi Tape Paper Arrows Tutorial

You will Need 

First Edition Pick n’ Mix 12 x 12 Paper Pad

Dovecraft Washi Tape, Feather and Bunting Dies



How to Make

1.Pick a Dovecraft Washi tape and begin wrapping it along the skewer ensuring to leave gaps. Choose a coordinating Washi tape and wrap it along the skewer to fill in the gaps to create a fun pattern!


2.Die cut two of the triangle shaped dies from the Dovecraft Bunting die set  and two of the feathers from the Dovecraft Feathers die set onto coordinating  sheets from your First Edition Pick n’ Mix 12x12 paper pad.


3.Pick one end on your skewer and adhere a bunting die cut to the end with Dovecraft Perma Fix tape.


4.Add the second bunting die cut by overlapping it onto the first die cut with Dovecraft Perma Fix tape.


5.Next, cut the end of your feather die cut, bend it to add dimension and stick it to the opposite end of your skewer with Dovecraft Perma Fix tape.


6.Repeat the same step with your second feather die cut and with Dovecraft Perma Fix tape, overlap it on top of your first feather to finish.


These paper arrows can be used for a variety of purposes. Why not decorate your desk? It will be a great way of achieving a crafty look, quickly!


Alternatively, you could make a beautiful wall hanging to hold all of your important reminders or favourite photos!


These paper arrows are a great way of adding an on-trend feel to your home décor! You can experiment with different positions and paper craft collections!


They would also make a fab centre piece on a table setting, especially for a Wedding or a Valentines meal (awh!)



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Super project great idea