DIY First Edition Foliage Dies Paper Plant Tutorial

For those who can never remember to water their plants (whoops!) this tutorial is a great way of never having to worry about your leafy friends again!

What you Need

First Edition Foliage Die Set, Textured Card Stock

Floristry Wire, Tape, Moss, Dry Flower Foam

A Pot

How to Make

1.  Begin by die cutting a selection of leaves from the First Edition Foliage die set onto the green card within the First Edition Textured paper pad.

2.  Pierce two holes near the stem of your die cut leaf. Thread a piece of floristry wire through the holes and twist one end around the other. Loop the wire around the stem of your leaf.

3.  Cover the wire with a length of floristry tape to create the look of a green stem.

4.  Repeat this step with each die cut leaf. Maxine has used approximately 50 leaves for her pot but it will depend on the size of your pot.

5.  Bind the leaves together to create the look of a plant by using floristry tape. Maxine has used a thicker wire alongside the thinner wire as she adds more leaves and floristry tape to make it sturdier. Make a collection of leaf sections to add to your pot.

 6.  Cut your dry flower foam to fit the size of your pot.

7.  Cover your dry flower foam with your dry moss, ensuring to not overflow your pot.

8.  Begin to push your leaf sections into the foam, making sure to spread each section across the pot.

9.  Once each section is in, move the leave into the position you would like them to be in.

This tutorial is fantastic if you want to make a crafty decoration for your desk.  You could also include paper flowers in your plant pot design to add a splash of colour! We would love to see your crafty makes so remember to upload them to the project gallery and to #trimcraft when uploading to social media!

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