Back To School Stationery Craft Ideas

What you Need

First Edition Deco Mache Papers, Gloss Adhesive, Brush Set

DecoArt Americana Décor Chalky Finish- Lace


How to Make

1.  Begin by painting your pencil with a layer of Lace DecoArt Americana Décor Chalky Finish paint using the nylon brush in your First Edition brush set. The light colour will allow your Deco Mache papers to stand out. Once painted, leave to dry.

TIP Balance your pencil on your DecoArt pot so that it doesn't stick to your craft desk.

2.  Paint on a layer of First Edition Deco Mache Gloss and Adhesive to your pencil.

3.   Cut a strip of your chosen First Edition Deco Mache paper and carefully wrap it around the pencil, ensuring to use the bristle brush as you go to get rid of any unwanted bubbles.

4.  Once your Deco Mache paper strip is on, paint on another layer of Deco Mache Gloss and Adhesive to achieve a shiny finish, leave to dry.

5.  Cut any excess paper off from your pencil and use a craft knife to neaten the edges. Balance your pencil again on your DecoMache glue pot so your DecoMache pencil doesn't stick to your craft desk.

With so many Deco Mache papers available, you will be able to transform any pencil with an on-trend design!

Why not decorate the front of your chosen note book with a favourite papercraft collection? To finish, fold and adhere a strip of card to the front to create small pockets for your pens- super handy!

If you’re making stationery for someone else, stamp a repeat pattern on a bookmark and get them to colour it in with their favourite colours!

Paper clips are so handy and you can jazz them up by stamping out a design, colouring it in, cutting out and adhering it with 3D foam pads to the top of each paper clip. It will certainly brighten up any homework they might have!

These ideas are really easy and will help you create unique looking stationery in minutes! We would love to see your upcycled stationery ideas, so remember to upload it to the project gallery and to #trimcraft when uploading to social media!

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