DIY Botanical Grown-Up Suncatchers Tutorial

Throughout April we are celebrating DIY Month and today we’ve got a fun make for you that is guaranteed to instant charm to your home.

Botanicals are still huge this year, so we thought we’d take inspiration from this trend and create something that you’re really going to want to try. For this project, we created a set of three botanical-inspired frames and DIY-ing your own is far from complicated with our step-by-step tutorial!

We’ve called these grown-up suncatchers because these delicate designs look wonderful catching the light due to their stained glass-effect finish. Once combined with a copper-edged glass frame, you’ve got yourself a super stylish make that’s going to add a wonderful, natural feel to your home.


We’ve used the incredibly versatile Dovecraft glass paints for this make and we’ve also provided a free template to help you replicate all three designs shown here. If flowers and plants aren’t your thing, then you can of course create your own designs using the method below.

Follow our step-by-step below as Angel shows you how to make your very own grown-up suncatchers!


You will Need:

Dovecraft Glass Paint, A4 Acetate Sheets,


4” x 6” Clear Glass Frames,

Free Template


Download your free template here


How to Make:

1.  Print off your free template and select the image that you want to trace first. Layer a sheet of Dovecraft acetate over the top.


2. Secure your sheet to the acetate with washi tape so that the template doesn’t move about as you apply the paint.   


3. Take a selection of Dovecraft glass paints for your chosen design. For our fern leaf, we used green, black and yellow that we mixed together accordingly to create a variety of green shades. You can mix your colours as and when you need them, adding light and shade to your design as required.


4. Using a paintbrush, begin to apply colour to your acetate sheet, following the template below. We applied a light colour first to create the base and then added detail to the leaf by building up the design with darker shades.


5. Continue building up the colour with darker shades, layering the paint and adding detail as you go. For a denser colour, we suggest that once you’ve painted a layer, you allow this to dry before continuing with the next layer of colour. You can add as much glass paint to your acetate as you wish – the more layers of paint you add, the more opaque the design will become.


6. Once dry, you’re now ready to frame your design. If your frame has a paper insert, ensure that your design fits the frame by temporarily securing the paper insert to the acetate and cutting around the acetate.


7. Remove the paper insert from the design and then place your design inside the frame. You might need to wipe clean your acetate sheet you do, just to remove any extra paint or specks that might have become stuck to your design.


Your suncatcher is now complete! Repeat with the other botanical designs from the template to create a full set of stunning frames.


Display your suncatchers in your window so that they can catch the light, or showcase them around your home. Why not create larger or smaller pieces by using a variety of different sized frames?

Will you be creating your own grown-up suncatchers? We’d love to see if you create your own! Don’t forget to #Trimcraft when uploading to social media and to share your projects in the Inspiration area.



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Kathy Crafts TV

I love these! They look really effective. Might try and find time to have a go. :-)