DIY Embroidery Hoop Weave Step by Step Tutorial

Embroidery hoop designs are popping up in homes everywhere so we thought we’d show you how to upcycle one by getting your weave on! Read on to find out how Maxine has achieved this gorgeous look with a few crafty ribbons.


What you Need

Embroidery Hoop


Dovecraft Ribbons


How to Make

  1. Take the hoop apart and secure a length of Dovecraft twine around the inside hoop by tying a knot.


  1. Wrap the twine around the hoop crossing over in the centre. Once complete, secure the end of the twine to the inside hoop by tying a knot.


  1. Place the inner hoop back inside the outer hoop and tighten. Cut a length of your chosen Dovecraft ribbon and start to weave it in and out of the twine. Secure the next piece of ribbon to the end of the length you just used and weave this one in and out of the twine.


  1. Vary your design by using different ribbon designs and continue weaving until you’re happy with the look of your hoop.


The weaving effect on this embroidery hoop is so beautiful and will make a lovely, textured home décor piece this spring.

You could also try it out on different embroidery hoop sizes to create a set of pretty designs or to make a little gift for a fellow crafter!


How will you use this weaving technique on your projects? We would LOVE to see so don’t forget to add your projects to the inspiration area and to #trimcraft when uploading to social media.


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