Kids Craft Belle and Boo Rosettes Tutorial

These Belle and Boo crafty rosettes are great for party decorations, gift wrap, keepsakes or as a reward badge for well behaved children.

What You Will Need

Belle and Boo 8x8 Paper Pad

Belle and Boo Decoupage Papers

Dovecraft White Cardstock

Belle and Boo Character Toppers, Accordion Stickers, Plastic Buttons, Enamel Dots, Ribbon & Bows

Rosette 1

Kids Craft Belle and Boo Rosettes Tutorial content image

1.  Cut out a 7cm circle of white cardstock and stick doubled sided tape at the bottom of the circle. Stick some pieces of ribbon to the card circle and tape on top of the ribbon so they remain securely in place.

2.  Cut 3 x 6cm strips of your chosen decoupage paper and pleat to make a concertina and stick these to the circle card.

3.  Cut a smaller circle and adhere to the top of the rosette.

4.  Cut two strips of paper to make two tails and add to the rosette centre.

5.  Cut a strip of chosen decoupage paper 3cm wide and stick to the back of the topper folding as you go around. Once you have completed this, stick to the rosette centre.

6.  For a pretty finishing touch, add a bow and accordion sticker to your rosette.

Rosette 2

Kids Craft Belle and Boo Rosettes Tutorial content image

1.  Cut out 4 different size circles of your 8 x 8 backing paper and distress the edges with scissors. An adult will need to distress the edge.

2.  Layer the circles with ribbon tails in between.

3.  To complete your rosette, you can decorate it with an accordion sticker, buttons and enamel dots.

Rosette 3

Kids Craft Belle and Boo Rosettes Tutorial content image

1.  Take 3 of the your chosen 8x8 papers, cut two 10cm  x 16cm pieces from each paper.

2.  Pleat each strip and then fold in half to make a fan shape. Once completing, stick all 6 pleats together in a circle.

3.  Cut a circle from the white cardstock and stick to the back of the rosette.

4.  Stick a smaller circle to the front to cover to give your rosette for more support.

5.  Cut two pieces of paper, one by 2cm x 10cm and the other by 2.5cm x 10cm. Stick this to your front card circle and add a topper to the front.

6.  We have then added some paper tails and ribbons to the back of the rosette to complete the rosette.

These Belle and Boo rosettes are adorable and perfect for a number of occasions, what would you use them for? We love seeing your crafts on our forum so remember to share and upload your latest creations to the project gallery.

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